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The easiest way for us to tell you what we do, how we do it, and why people like us is to get our clients talking about us. What is fantastic is that each person tells a different story which is testament to how we focus on the individual.  That said, there are some underlying themes:

  • Mick is positive and enthusiastic and cares about the person,
  • Mick is focused on helping me achieve my goals,
  • training is fun and supportive; it is a pleasure,
  • you are joining a gym family; it’s a wonderful community,
  • there are fabulous staff who are professional and unpretentious, and
  • the studio is small and accommodating.

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If you are ready to change your lifestyle or try a different training environment, give Mick Coorey a call on 0401 685 275.



"Mick has been helping our family (including at times our five children) to stay healthy for more than 10 years. He is always very positive and enthusiastic and provides a lot of program variety.  And more recently added some interesting new equipment to keep us happy. "

Michael and Jane

I have trained with MCHF for the last 8 years. Before that I gym jumped from place to place looking for someone who would give me the training and motivation I needed. Mick is focused on helping me achieve my goals and every session is challenging.  Looking back, my overall fitness has improved out of sight and I feel fitter and stronger now than when I was in my 20’s. I couldn’t recommend MCHF highly enough. It’s a fun, supportive and encouraging gym to go to. I just love it."


"Training at Mick Coorey Personal Training Gym has  made me fitter, healthier and mentally stronger. Mick and his team are supportive of people with busy lifestyles and make training a pleasure rather than a chore. The culture and facilities are excellent. I thoroughly recommend Mick and his dedicated team."

Julianne Dee

"I've been training with Mick for approximately 5 years now. I live a very busy life and struggle with mental health issues. Some days I can't leave the house and Mick will come and speak with me and work me through some tough times. I know if I don't train I go backwards quickly and its easy to fall back into that trap. Mick always sends me a text asking me, which day and time I can train the following week. That way of communicating with me is perfect.
I wouldn't turn up if I had to book online. He honestly isn't just a personal trainer, he cares about the person and seeing them improve and get well. I am truly blessed to have this personal trainer in my life. He's saved me at times. "


"Attending Mick’s gym is more of a pleasure than a punishment. He is kind, yet gentle and knows just how much he can push. He is very aware of your limits and injuries and is always checking in with you. It’s an intimate space without being too large or small. You will work out with like-minded people who become your ‘gym family’.

He is my Fountain of Youth. I have nothing but praise for Mick and his staff."


"I wanted to get back in shape after the birth of my two children and was worried about how to fit exercise into my life while juggling a young family. Mick Coorey Health & Fitness has provided the perfect way to get fit and build strength in a fun and friendly environment. It's such a wonderful community and I genuinely love walking in the door each week! Mick tailors the exercises to the individual and ensures every session is challenging and different. Mick works in with times and days that suit me, and I've even been able to bring my young baby along while I train which has been a big help in getting me back into exercise postpartum. I look forward to my sessions every week, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to incorporate fitness into their lives and have fun along the way."


"I have trained at Mick Coorey Health & Fitness for the past 8 years. I find the culture that Mick has developed in his gym is the thing that makes me come back for more. It is a real community where you feel the exceptional trainers and the clients are all invested in you achieving your goals. Mick truly cares about you and what you want to get from your training."


"Some seven odd years ago a chance meeting with Mick Coorey as I walked past his gym on Oriel Rd on my way to lunch at the Sushi Train was a life changer. Having frequented gyms on and off for many years I like many people lacked both the necessary determination and discipline to achieve and maintain an appropriate level of fitness. Enter Mick Coorey. From day one I was amazed at both the quality and level of professionalism displayed by Mick. From someone who regularly ceased training shortly after commencement I found myself actually looking forward to my next session and still do today after seven years. As stated previously I have attended many gyms over many years but none offer the level of professional, unpretentious training that you get with Mick and his qualified staff. I never did get my sushi all those years ago but instead, I got a new lease on life which continues today."


"Ten years ago, a friend of mine suggested I try out Mick Coorey Health & Fitness. The trainer from my old PT studio had changed professions plus I was coming off a serious foot injury so I needed to get back into a fitness regime. I've been attending ever since. For me, several things stand out as being different from other studios: he can offer shared training with up to three other people (you still feel like the focus is on you but the trainer is able to help others during sets. This provides a cost-saving and some camaraderie amongst the others in your group.), your session is a full hour and he rotates the trainers so your body doesn't acclimatize to one particular style.  Importantly, you really feel like you have another family as the studio is small and accommodating."


"I am very happy I discovered Mick Coorey Health & Fitness. Mick and his staff's approach and delivery of your fitness goals are performed in an extremely professional, dedicated, and friendly way in a very welcoming, clean gym."

Gary Coyne

"I am a year 9 student who enjoys physically active sports like rugby, rowing and waterpolo. I am 14yrs, 6ft tall and weigh about 100kgs and didn’t feel confident with myself. Then my mother’s friend recommended Mick Coorey’s Health & Fitness from the great experience they had. I went to my first training session and all the trainers were very nice and welcoming. From that day on I have been going to Mick Coorey’s Fitness nearly every day of the week where I have been challenged with hard workouts and motivated by the great trainers. Mick has been the best for me; physically and mentally. I feel much more confident in my sports and am enjoying them a lot more. I have only been training for five months but I hope to be there for a lot longer."

Year 9 Student

"I have been going to Mick Coorey's Gym for the past 8 years. His gym sessions provide a good mixture of weights and cardio fitness. His trainers are very professional and adapt the sessions to age and fitness level. Keep up the good work Mick!"

Michael Cleary




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Mick:  0401 685 275