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I’m either working out, about to workout OR PLANNING MY NEXT WORKOUT. (


We offer a variety of training to men, women and children.  Our personal trainers are exercise professionals intent on helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. Having a trainer guide your session offers huge benefits if you are truly wanting to increase your muscular strength, refine your body composition, develop cardiovascular endurance, improve flexibility and/or develop your general physical performance because they keep you focussed.

We understand how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime so we aim to do our very best at helping our clients (men, women and children) achieve that.


Training components can include:

  • boxing,
  • weights,
  • cardiovascular work, and
  • core stability.

We can also help with weight loss and body toning.

Clients range across all age groups (including men and women in their 70’s and 80’s) and many have been with the studio for a long time.


The following independent businesses also operate out of our gym:

Sam Scott of U-Physique – an outcome-focused Therapist/Personal trainer with a philosophy of putting the patient first. He is a musculoskeletal specialist located in Clayfield.

Frances K Brown – fkb physio – a physiotherapist who can help with a range of physio-related requirements, offers group exercise therapy, and can help develop personalised exercise sessions too.


Mick Coorey offers a comfortable and friendly personal training environment. The studio’s pricing is very competitive and the standard sessions are a full hour (an important element for those wanting to truly make a difference).

If you are ready to change your lifestyle or try a different training environment, give Mick Coorey a call on 0401 685 275.



"I've been training with Mick for approximately 5 years now. I live a very busy life and struggle with mental health issues. Some days I can't leave the house and Mick will come and speak with me and work me through some tough times. I know if I don't train I go backwards quickly and its easy to fall back into that trap. Mick always sends me a text asking me, which day and time I can train the following week. That way of communicating with me is perfect.
I wouldn't turn up if I had to book online. He honestly isn't just a personal trainer, he cares about the person and seeing them improve and get well. I am truly blessed to have this personal trainer in my life. He's saved me at times. "


"Attending Mick’s gym is more of a pleasure than a punishment. He is kind, yet gentle and knows just how much he can push. He is very aware of your limits and injuries and is always checking in with you. It’s an intimate space without being too large or small. You will work out with like-minded people who become your ‘gym family’.

He is my Fountain of Youth. I have nothing but praise for Mick and his staff."


"I wanted to get back in shape after the birth of my two children and was worried about how to fit exercise into my life while juggling a young family. Mick Coorey Health & Fitness has provided the perfect way to get fit and build strength in a fun and friendly environment. It's such a wonderful community and I genuinely love walking in the door each week! Mick tailors the exercises to the individual and ensures every session is challenging and different. Mick works in with times and days that suit me, and I've even been able to bring my young baby along while I train which has been a big help in getting me back into exercise postpartum. I look forward to my sessions every week, and highly recommend it to anyone wanting to incorporate fitness into their lives and have fun along the way."


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Gym Hours

Monday-Friday: 6am - 6pm


15 Oriel Road Clayfield QLD 4011


Mick:  0401 685 275